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The O’Keefe Academy of Irish Dance has been long in the making:

Since starting to dance at the age of 4, Founder and Director, Lizzy O'Keefe has known that Irish dance would always be a part of her life.  Even while actively as a competing as a dancer, she knew her passion was teaching and mentoring students to help them achieve their goals. She has been able to learn and grow under the amazing mentorship from three world renowned dance schools in three different regions and is now thrilled with this opportunity to start the O’Keefe Academy.


The O’Keefe Academy strives to promote it's three pillars: Confidence-Community-Culture; Walk in as a student. Walk out as a champion - on or off the stage.


We are focused on building every student's confidence in a fun learning environment that can build lifelong friendships and grow student’s love of Irish dance and culture in our community.

Lizzy tailors’ classes to allow every student to thrive. She is acutely aware of each student's learning styles and motivations so every student can achieve their very best!

The goal of our in-studio training is to refine technique and performance, build physical fitness and cross training, improve confidence and mental resilience, musicality, and instill Irish culture.

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