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  • What is a "feis?"
    A Feis (pronounced FESH) is a traditional Gaelic term meaning arts and culture festival. The plural forms are feiseanna and fesean. A 'feis' is a local competition where your child has the opportunity to compete against children from other schools in their respective level and age group.
  • What are the benefits for Irish dance?
    Irish dance builds confidence, community, culture, structure, friendships, fitness and a love for the art form.
  • Are you SafeSport and CPR/AED Certified?
    Yes! Miss Lizzy is SafeSport certified, a requirement of the Irish dance governing board. This is renewed every 3 years. Additionally, Miss Lizzy and Chris are both American Heart Association Heartsaver CPR AED certified. This is renewed every 2 years. Each class also has a First Aid kit present. Ask to see our cards/certifications!
  • What are some opportunities within Irish Dance?
    Your child could participate in local, regional, national and international competitions. They could also participate in local shows and performances throughout the community. They will learn to perform as an individual or in a group setting, learning the benefit of confidence and teamwork.
  • Is there a class dress code?
    Yes, your dancer will wear an O’Keefe practice shirt, black athletic shorts, proper ‘poodle’ socks and soft and or hardshoes that will be purchased through the school Hair must be pulled back away from the face in a ponytail or bun
  • How old can my child be to start classes?
    We start students as young as 3-4 in in our Tiny Tots Skipping Shamrock class Students can be 5 and above to start in our beginner classes
  • Does my child have to participate in competitions?
    No, your child does not to have to participate in competitions. There are other opportunities within Irish dance that are noncompetitive based.
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